Uchenna Edeh is a Montreal born and raised artist of Nigerian descent.

Uchenna’s interest in art began as a child first with comic books and then later developed with formal training in after school and weekend art classes.
After High School, he studied Fine Arts and Illustration & Design at Dawson College and started Infinity Designs; a custom airbrushed clothing painting company.
In the early 90s until 2013, Uchenna paused from art and became active in Montreal’s Black community serving as an organizer, public speaker and advocate for Black community issues.
Uchenna has returned to the art world with the goal of bringing to light through art, the hidden or overlooked figures of Black, and particularly Black Canadian history.
Uchenna works primarily in dry media (pencil, ink, pastels, and marker), water colour, and acrylic paint and is seeking to enter the world of digital art and oil paint with a focus on fine arts and fantasy illustration.