The First Step: in troubleshooting is gathering information on the issue, such as a difficult past, an undesired behavior or a lack of expected functionality.

The Next Step: is to change the how each individual perceives themselves in conjunction with the undesired situation. Once a different perception of them self is realized, all other situations outside of themselves can begin to reflect that personal change.

Ongoing Steps: Once a change of perception is achieved, the data collected can then be used to effectively engage in aTeamwork-Problem-Solving Effort with our clients.  During this process, clients are given the Troubleshooting Formula & Communication Techniques to add to their already existing skills, towards the development of more effective problem-solving approaches to any given situation.

 Change of Input results in Change of Outcome – This is one of the Central Focuses here at Troubleshooting Services.

You are the main ingredient to your own solutions in your life.

This is especially why we provide you with the tools that you may “Coach Your Own Self”  toward a more efficient state of well-being, in times of need.

Realizing or knowing a problem exist is just the 1st Step – However, it is at this point that tangible, desired changes can begin to occur.

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